Workshop #6: In Our Closets


1) Think about a meaningful piece of clothing in your closet. From memory, write down as many descriptive words about this piece.

2) Now visit this piece in your closet. In ten minutes, take several photographs of this piece, learning more about it as you do so. Think not only about the visual aspects of the piece – engage all the senses in your exploration. When taking the photo, think about what this piece means to you and how you can capture the “spirit” or character of it.

3) Revisit your initial list and add more descriptive words now that you have had time to get to know the piece from new perspectives. What did you learn? What do you see now?

Photographs (below) by Emma Romy Jones, Susie Schuster Bruce, Molly Spink, and Isabella Cuan

Words (below) by Emma Romy Jones and Molly Spink

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