Workshop #6: In Our Closets

EXERCISE: 1) Think about a meaningful piece of clothing in your closet. From memory, write down as many descriptive words about this piece. 2) Now visit this piece in your closet. In ten minutes, take several photographs of this piece, learning more about it as you do so. Think not only about the visual aspectsContinue reading “Workshop #6: In Our Closets”

Workshop #5: Everything Is Going To Be Alright

Exercise: Read the poem below. Think about how this poem makes you feel and what visual images come to mind. What kind of photograph or photographs should be paired with this poem? Why? How does the nature of the image change how we perceive the poem, and vice versa? *When this poem was published onContinue reading “Workshop #5: Everything Is Going To Be Alright”

Workshop #4: The People in Our Homes

EXERCISE: Photograph another person in your home, using your phone or a camera.  1) Think of 1-3 qualities that you would characterize this person by. Take a portrait (or several) of this person that embodies this quality/these qualities.  2) Now ask your subject what qualities they would define him or herself by. Take a portraitContinue reading “Workshop #4: The People in Our Homes”

Workshop #2: “The ____ Diaries”: Seeing the Mundane in New Ways

Exercise: 1) Choose a mundane object in the room you are sitting in. 2) Photograph the object in 20 different ways, keeping the background consistent. 3) Write a series of unique sentences describing the object (inspired by “The Grass Diaries” in “The Grassling” by Elizabeth-Jane Burnett, in which she creates different meanings of a bladeContinue reading “Workshop #2: “The ____ Diaries”: Seeing the Mundane in New Ways”

Workshop #1: What Does “Home” Mean to You? Exploring Home through the Five Senses

Exercise: Choose one (or more) of the five senses (taste, touch, smell, sight, hearing). How do you describe, visually and through the written word, “things” (objects, feelings, people, etc.) in your home using your chosen sense(s). Take photographs of the things you describe and write accompanying sensory descriptions. Try and see if you can writeContinue reading “Workshop #1: What Does “Home” Mean to You? Exploring Home through the Five Senses”

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